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How ePayables Make AP Processing Easier

For many years accounts payable processing has been a manual process. With hundreds, if not thousands of papers to process by hand, the room for error is tremendous, and the risks are simply difficult to justify. Manual AP processing is also costly because it slows...

Epayables vs P-cards

The Major Advantages of Virtual Cards versus P-cards Businesses around the country are beginning to realize the exorbitant cost of relying on traditional paper checks for invoice payments. A 2018 study from PYMNTS and Mastercard reported that checks cost businesses...

How to turn accounts payable into a profit center

Company executives don't often think of Accounts Payable (AP) as a profit center. Why should they make you money? AP deals with paying debts, after all, so it's only natural to think of payables as an expense. Viewing AP as a profit center might be a tough concept to...

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